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Parental Rights

A parent's ability to direct the education, healthcare, and upbringing of their child is a fundamental right... not a privilege bestowed by the government.  Christian supports policies that reinforce parental authority and will fight against legislation designed to place a wedge between parents and their children.

Taxation and Credits

In a time where inflation and a heightened cost of living are still commonplace, every dollar counts.  Christian pledges to implement common-sense tax reforms and credit expansions, ensuring Michigan residents are able to save more of their paychecks and can invest in their families.

Paid Family Leave

When it comes to growing your family, your experience should be fulfilling, not a financial burden. Christian will work with Michigan's business community to design a customizable framework for paid family leave for non-government employees.


Accessible and affordable childcare is crucial for working families, as it empowers parents to sustain their jobs, alleviate financial pressures, and uphold broader economic stability. Christian advocates for flexible and diverse childcare solutions, empowering working parents to select options that suit their needs without imposing excessive governmental regulations.

Marriage & Family Formation

Families are the cornerstone of our society; serving as the primary source of socialization, emotional support, and personal growth. They should be supported and encouraged. Christian will fight to remove “marriage penalties” in Michigan’s social programs & unnecessary fees for essential documents (marriage certificates, updated drivers licenses, etc.)

School Safety

Ensuring the safety of every student should be a top priority. It is unconscionable that Lansing has invested more time and resources to enhance security measures in our Capitol, but not our schools. Christian strongly supports efforts to increase funding for school resource officers, comprehensive mental health support for students, and a standard framework for building fortifications designed to keep would-be attackers outside the classroom.

School Choice

When it comes to choosing the best educational outcomes for your child, one size may not always fit all. Christian pledges to expand school-choice programs throughout the state, defend homeschool families from Lansing's attacks, and ensure the promise of diverse educational opportunities for all.

Fiscal Responsibility

Transparent budgeting practices and responsible fiscal management are essential for sustainable governance. When it comes to funding our schools, our approach should be no different. Christian supports policies that prioritize fiscal prudence, require regular audits, and implement robust accountability measures aimed at ensuring the efficient allocation of taxpayer dollars.

FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education)

Every child deserves access to free appropriate public education. Christian maintains his support for increased funding for public schools, reformed special education programs, and compliance with federal mandates. He will fight to ensure that those working with students who have disabilities receive the proper training and appropriately implement FAPE.

Predatory Lending

Protecting students in higher education from predatory lending practices is crucial in maintaining their financial well-being & ensuring equal access to educational opportunities. These practices, often characterized by exploitative terms and hidden fees, can land students with a debt that may take a lifetime to pay off. Christian will fight to hold predatory lenders accountable.

Proficiency Standards

Proficiency standards in education ensure students are prepared for the future; equipping them with essential skills and knowledge in reading, critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. These standards also set clear expectations for academic achievement, identifying areas where students may need support or intervention. Christian unashamedly rejects the idea that proficiency standards must be compromised in the name of “equity”, and supports targeted interventions & individualized learning strategies that aid students in meeting necessary benchmarks.

Supporting Teachers

Teachers are the primary facilitators of knowledge and skill development… They serve as role models, mentors, and guides for students, helping to shape the character of young minds. Attracting and retaining quality educators is fundamental in cultivating a classroom environment where students can thrive. Christian pledges to implement policies that prioritize investments in professional growth opportunities, reduce class sizes, eliminate out-of-pocket costs for classroom materials, and restore pension funds.

Michigan First

Prioritizing local interests and economic stability within our communities is essential in ensuring our State becomes financially independent, remains innovative, and continues on the path towards self-reliance. Lansing’s commitment to outsource jobs is untenable long-term, and prevents Michigan from utilizing its unique strengths and competitive advantages. Christian will relentlessly fight for Michigan’s future, ensuring the People of this State are the primary beneficiaries of business-related policies.

Licensing and Regulation

Streamlining licensing and regulation can boost economic growth; removing barriers that hinder the establishment and expansion of small businesses. While some regulations are necessary to ensure public safety and quality standards, many current licensing requirements are subjective and overly restrictive, serving as nothing more than revenue for State agencies. Christian proposes reforms that not only encourage more innovation and competition, but also make it possible for a wider range of people (including those in underserved communities) to participate in and benefit from Michigan’s success.

Right to Work

Every worker has the fundamental right to the freedom of assembly and association. The ability to decide whether to join or support a union without fear of force or retaliation is an essential element of that freedom. By taking a dualistic approach, that is, upholding voluntary union membership alongside strong protections for collective bargaining, we are able to foster an environment where workers are free to make choices that best suit their individual needs & the needs of their families. Christian vehemently opposes Lansing’s attempt to pin worker against worker, and pledges to implement policies that recognize the vital contributions unions make, and the essential freedoms that make them possible.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are an essential part of our economy, driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and flexibility across various industries while contributing significantly to our overall economic growth. Our laws should protect the rights and freedoms of individuals who choose to work as independent contractors while ensuring fair labor standards and economic security. Christian will fight against attempts from Lansing to ‘Californianize’ Independent Contractor status and will promote policies that make investments in this unique workforce.

Skilled & Technical Trades

Skilled Trades are essential to our economy and ever-growing infrastructure needs, providing high paying jobs, stable careers, and viable alternatives for students who aren’t interested in pursuing a traditional college degree. Christian supports increased funding for trade schools, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training programs, making skilled trade education more accessible and attractive to a diverse range of individuals. He also supports making substantial investments in K-12 education that allow students to explore career paths that interest them from an early age.



Strengthening FOIA by expanding its scope and reach to all levels of government ensures transparency and accountability. This expansion will aid in uncovering inefficiencies early on, prevent corruption, and ensure that public officials act in the interests of the people they serve. Christian proposes reducing unnecessary or questionable exemptions, and mandating earlier response times to make requests more accessible to citizens and journalists.

Local Land Control

Local land control allows communities to shape their development, ensuring that important changes align with the unique needs and values of residents. Christian supports policies that prioritize citizen input, and empower local governments with greater authority over land use and zoning decisions, fostering a more democratic and responsible planning process, & deterring bad actors from exploiting our resources.

Campaign Finance

Reforming state campaign finance laws ensure free and fair elections. In 2022, voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of critical changes, mandating personal finance disclosures and instituting term limits for legislative offices. Christian pledges to implement policies that close loopholes in reporting requirements, limit out-of-state funding in local races, and impose steep penalties on office holders who break the law.

Ethics and Oversight

Ensuring ethics and oversight in government builds (and maintains) public trust. Creating robust ethical standards and clear guidelines for behavior among elected officials will prevent corruption and misconduct. Christian supports stricter conflict-of-interest regulations, comprehensive financial disclosures, and mandatory oversight bodies led by citizens and officials, to conduct thorough investigations, audits, and reviews of government operations without political influence. These efforts should be accompanied by fines and criminal penalties when appropriate.



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