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Local SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses) account for more than 99% of all businesses in the United States.  They are the pillars of our national and local economies; providing good-paying jobs to over half of the nation’s private-sector workforce, revenue for essential public services, and an environment that encourages innovation and competition.  Despite their significance, SMB owners say that they are still struggling to survive, citing factors like record inflation, high interest rates, and Michigan’s extreme COVID restrictions which sent shockwaves through our state’s labor market.

It’s no secret that SMB’s need to thrive to survive, and the choices Lansing makes impact how prospective business owners and entrepreneurs feel when deciding whether to call Michigan home.  If our state truly wants to embrace a competitive market and everything that comes with it, we must shift directions quickly.

As District 22’s next Representative, Christian will:

  • Make it easier for residents to START and MAINTAIN their own business;
  • Axe excessive regulation on occupational licensing;
  • Create business incentives that favor Michigan residents and invest in our local economies;
  • Curtail excessive spending;
  • Save taxpayers money by creating a repository for unused [or leftover] state project funds & reallocate them towards newer projects/public programs, and much more. 



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