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Education plays a pivotal role in how we develop and master skills like logic, critical thinking, language, and, most importantly, how to interact with one another. It opens doors to careers that benefit us as individuals and contributes to the betterment of society.  Despite its insurmountable significance, the hyper-fixation on 'appearance' in lieu of quality education and the overall politicization of the classroom has largely overshadowed its intended purpose: to foster well-rounded, critical thinkers and responsible citizens.

As someone who has experienced private, public, and special education, Christian believes his diverse background and age give him a unique insight into the problems facing today's students—something that sets him apart from other candidates in this race. He understands that in order to craft meaningful educational policies, it will take someone who is able to relate to, properly advocate for, and address the complex needs of students from all walks of life.

As District 22's next Representative, Christian will:

  • Fight for quality education;
  • Promote policies which reflect the importance of fundamental skills like reading, writing, and mathematics;
  • Address disparities in funding for Special Education, Student Support, and Mental Health Services;
  • Foster a closer collaboration between Michigan parents and educators in a time where it's needed most;
  • Invest in careers which stabilize our teacher and mental health professional shortages, and much more.

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