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The family is the fundamental backbone of a functioning and prosperous society. It fosters social unity and stability, nurtures us, and instills values into our very being. Despite this, modern American culture has grown to be an increasingly hostile environment for families to thrive. External factors such as record economic pressure, the pursuit of individualism over familial bonds, and the inhuman demands of modern living have placed strain on the family fabric, and has hindered the essential role it plays. As such, it is time to restore the family's significance in American culture.


As District 22's next Representative, Christian will champion family-oriented policies; prioritizing

  • Parental Consent;
  • Collaboration with Michigan's business communities in support of better family leave for non-government employees;
  • Support for new moms;
  • Enacting a common sense state-wide CTC system;
  • Reforming Michigan's broken foster care system;
  • Implementing practical parental support & childcare services at state-funded colleges and much more.


What Does This Look Like? 




Family Facts & Statistics

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P.O. BOX 851058, WESTLAND MI 48185
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